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Olli Toivanen, male, Finnish citizen, born in 1982

Ph.D. in mathematics from University of Eastern Finland (2013); click for details.
  1. Doctor of philosophy (mathematics), University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, 2013

    Doctoral thesis: "Minimizers and superminimizers of variational integrals with non-standard growth"

    Subjects: laudatur (long) in mathematics, cum laude approbatur (medium) in physics, approbatur (short) in computer science.

  2. Licentiate of philosophy (mathematics), University of Joensuu, Joensuu, 2009


  • September 2017 —> :
    Course teacher (tuntiopettaja), University of Eastern Finland (Dept. of Applied Physics, Kuopio)
  • April – June 2017:
    Associate professor (adiunkt),
    Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IM PAN), Warsaw,
    funded by the Institute [Portrait of Olli Toivanen]
  • October 2016 – January 2017:
    Senior lecturer (universitetslektor),
    University of Umeå
  • September 2014 – August 2016:
    Assistant professor (adiunkt),
    Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IM PAN), Warsaw,
    funded by the Warsaw Center for Mathematics and Computer Science
  • September 2013 – June 2014:
    Course teacher (tuntiopettaja),
    University of Eastern Finland
  • April 2007 – August 2013:
    Graduate student,
    University of Joensuu and the University of Eastern Finland,
    funded by the department, the faculty, and a position in the Finnish National Doctoral Programme in Mathematics and its Applications

teaching experience

In four universities, in three countries, in two languages. Click to expand.

At UEF, over 700 hours of homework direction in Finnish and English, over 100 hours of which for advanced (laudatur-level) courses. Additionally: full teaching responsibility on the following courses:

  • At UEF, Introduction to topology (4 ECTS credits), spring 2013
  • At UEF, Analysis II (9 ECTS credits), fall 2013
  • At the University of Turku, Continuity in metric spaces (2 ECTS credits, Erasmus teacher exchange), 3.–12.11.2015
  • At the University of Warsaw, Mathematical Analysis I and II (homework direction), 2015–6
  • At the University of Umeå, Stochastic differential equations (7.5 ECTS credits), 2016–7
  • At UEF Kuopio since 2017: Real Analysis II, Basic Calculus, etc.


Twelve conferences in Finland, Poland, Sweden, China; a talk given in seven; click to expand.
  • Variable Exponent Analysis (Oulu 2010),
  • Computational Methods and Function Theory (Shantou 2013),
  • Variable exponent theory and applications (IM PAN Warsaw 2014),
  • PDEs, Potential Theory, Function spaces in honor of Lars Hedberg (Linköping 2015),
  • Symposium on Nonlinear Analysis (Toruń 2015),
  • X Forum of Partial Differential Equations (Będlewo 2016),
  • Nonstandard Growth Analysis and its Applications (IM PAN Warsaw 2017).

Language skills:

  • Finnish (first language)
  • English (excellent)
  • Swedish, Polish and German (working knowledge)

Relevant hobbies: Programming, typesetting using \(\LaTeX\) (this site uses MathJax), the English language, history of science and mathematics

Other academic experience: Referee for Annales Polonici Mathematici and a reviewer for MathSciNet